Wednesday, August 20th
Lille v Porto LIVE 11.45am
DC United v Waterhouse LIVE 7pm
Sounders v Earthquakes LIVE 7pm
Friday, August 22nd
Dallas v RSL LIVE 6pm
Saturday, August 23rd
Everton v Arsenal Noon
Chelsea v Leicester 2pm
Red Bull v Impact LIVE 4pm
Toronto v Fire LIVE 4pm
Galaxy v Whitecaps LIVE 7.30pm
Sunday, August 24th
Sunderland v Man Utd Noon
Tottenham v QPR Noon (TV2)
Timbers v Sounders LIVE 2pm
Union v Earthquakes LIVE 5pm
Monday, August 25th
Man City v Liverpool 3pm
Tuesday, August 26th
Red Bull v FAS (CCL) LIVE 5pm
Wednesday, August 27th
Arsenal v Besiktas (UCL) LIVE 11.45am
Athletic Club v Napoli (UCL) LIVE 11.45am (TV2)
Saturday, August 30th
Sounders v Rapids LIVE 1pm
Wednesday, September 3rd
Chivas v Sounders LIVE 7.30pm
Friday, September 12th
Sounders v RSL LIVE 7.30pm
Saturday, September 20th
Red Bull v Sounders LIVE 11.30am
Wednesday, September 24th
Dallas v Sounders LIVE 6pm
Saturday, September 27th
Sounders v Chivas LIVE 1pm
Sunday, October 5th
Rapids v Sounders LIVE Noon
Friday, October 10th
Sounders v Whitecaps LIVE 7pm
Saturday, October 19th
Galaxy v Sounders LIVE 5.30pm
Saturday, October 25th
Sounders v Galaxy LIVE Noon

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